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Values and Ethos

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Our School Vision

We believe in learning for life together

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Our Philosophy

We think our school should be a safe and happy place where we learn and play together

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Our Values & Aims

Written by the pupils; agreed by staff and governors:

Our School Values

  • Friendship
  • Looking after each other
  • Treating everyone equally
  • Respect – for each other and the school
  • Honesty
  • Co-operation
  • No bullying
  • No racism
  • Being polite and considerate
  • Being responsible for our own actions


We want everyone to achieve the best they can.

  • To enjoy learning and school.
  • To be happy, healthy and feel good about ourselves.
  • To have a variety of interesting and fun lessons.
  • For everyone to work together, to make our school a happy and welcoming place.
  • To make our school fair.
  • To respect other people’s beliefs.
  • To respect people, their belongings and our school.
  • To have a clean school environment.
  • We will work together to make this a bully-free community.
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