Charborough Road Primary School


At Charborough Road Nursery School, we embark on a play-based curriculum offering a mix of child-initiated and adult-led learning opportunities – but always taking into account the interests and needs of the learners.

This is in response to a number of aims and principles:

  • As part of our EYFS provision we seek to provide quality and consistency, a secure foundation, partnership working and equality of opportunity across all primary schools within the Trust.
  • A desire to enable learners to engage in free-flow play and ambitious learning.
  • A desire to develop children with independent learning skills; help students develop feelings of self-respect, self-esteem, mutual respect, confidence, tolerance and empathy for themselves and other.
  • A desire to create life-long learners with the intrinsic motivation, critical and creative thinking skills to engage in learning opportunities; to have an equal chance of success.
  • A desire to create systems that accurately assess the acquired knowledge, skills and concepts of our children so that planning can reflect the individualised learning needs and styles of the learners.
  • Inclusive practice that helps every individual learner to meet their learning potential regardless of gender, belief system, culture or language.
  • The curriculum across the EYFS is based on the principles of Birth to Five Matters; focusing on the four aspects of effective practice:
    1. A unique child
    2. Positive relationships
    3. Enabling environments
    4. Learning and development

Our ultimate aim is outstanding progress and outcomes for all of our learners.